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Total Pervert Super Idol Rise Kujikawa

“Take a good look❤ This is the passion of exposure!”

Voice: Rie Kugimiya
Main Weapon: Microphone
Type: Musical note zoning type
Persona: Himiko

Rise’s Persona, Analysis Expert, Gains a Fighting Form!

Rise, gearing for a return from hiatus to the idol industry, has been hard at work with lessons. One evening, she notices strange changes to the town. The streets are now covered in a red fog, and people have been suddenly vanishing. Separated from her friends, what is the resolve to which Rise holds as she is confronted by danger…?

Rise fights using variety of projectiles, such as music notes that explode when certain attacks connect. When she analyzes the opponent, her attacks change greatly, allowing for a unique fighting style. Her Instant Kill Move is True Story, in which her Persona Himiko seizes the opponent while Rise charms them with her singing voice.

Rise’s Shadow Again Appears?!

As with other members of the cast, Rise has a Shadow form. In Persona 4, her shadow appeared as a result of anxiety caused by the gap between her idol personality “Risette” and her true self. Why does her Shadow form show itself…?

Shadow Rise has her own exclusive performances, starting off from billboards like “Risechii Tokudashi SP!” (“Risette EXPOSED!”).

A Story Mode Told from Two Perspectives

The PlayStation 3 version of P4U2 includes a story mode that serves as after-story to Persona 4. Featuring two parts, Episode P3 and Episode P4, the story is told from the perspective of the cast of Persona 3 and Persona 4, respectively. Featuring hand-drawn illustrations, a serious and unique story awaits.

Connect with Growth in Golden Arena Mode

Golden Arena Mode is a new addition to P4U2. Select your favorite character and progress through stages. As you continue to win you gain experience points. When you level up, you can learn new skills and spend skill points gained as you level to boost your statuses. Golden Arena will be added to the arcade version at the end of April.

The mode features a total of four courses, separated by difficulty. After a certain number of stages a boss will appear, offering a change to acquire rare skills.

You can also build “Commu” with your Navigator. Including playable character skills, Navigator unique skills and skills learned based on Commu level, there are around 150 types of skills total!

Director Kazuhisa Wata on Rise and Golden Arena

Rise is a character that players highly requested to become playable. While she’s a tricky character that uses sound, rather than an aggressive character, Rise herself is more of a defensive type who uses her Persona to amplify her voice then attacks. Her reasons for joining the fray are told in the story mode, so look forward to that.

Golden Arena is a mode in which even players who struggle at fighting games can offset their weaknesses by boosting their skills and statuses. The mode even has settings for CPU battles, so you can enjoy thoroughly training your character.

Persona 4 The Ultimax Ultra Suplex Hold arrives on PlayStation 3 on August 28 in Japan. Included as an early purchase bonus is an additional scenario not included in the main title as a downloadable set. Details on the scenario will be revealed in the future.

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recs for trans women are so rare on tumblr!! spread this, people.

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I’d like to report a crime…


this man has a face like sunshine and a torso like hellfire

this is poetry

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[012/] endless list of favourite characters
>> kanji tatsumi from persona 4

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This is how I imagine genderfluid people

This is exactly how genderfluid people work.

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I'd like to listen to all of those forgotten songs

Not the song of rights, I want the song of wrongs

I want the song of solitude hiding in the throngs

I want the song that has no place to which it belongs

(Song of Wrongs - Bianca Free)